Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Everybody:
I got through my first week here with a few bumps, but I'm doing well now.
My friend Lauren is here for the weekend and I've never been so happy to see someone. She's not taking to the heat so well though. We walked outside and got in the car and just sat there looking at each other. We couldn't believe the heat. It was like getting in an oven. I said that unless we got moving and put the air on, they were going to find us dead in the morning, two dried up raisins sitting in the front seat of the car. All kidding aside, it is good to see a friendly face.
Scottsdale is very pretty. I don't know what would give a person the idea to put a city in the desert, but someone did and it's beautiful. Being an East Coast girl, I didn't take to the kinds of vegetation out here in the West and Southwest, but since I've come to Scottsdale and seen what they do with native plants, I'm really impressed. For those of you back in California who are thinking of going more toward native plants, you might enjoy the pictures.
For anyone curious about integrative medicine, I've added a link to Envita. The idea at Envita is to get you as healthy as possible. They get your immune system up and running at maximum performance. This not only helps your own body fight disease, but when you have cancer, it helps your standard treatments (chemo, radiation) to work better.
One thing I would like to tell you about is something called Poly-MVA, offered by Envita, but also available on the internet (at a less expensive price). This is a liquid formula that is taken orally to effect cells on an electronic level. It comes under the field of electrogenetics. It is a patented dietary supplement with over 15 yrs of clinical research and testing. This is the first non-toxic chemotherapeutic agent. It has been shown to compromise the membranes in tumor cells thus destroying them. In addition to destroying cancer cells, it protects healthy cells from damage by enhancing their function and action. For those with cancer, you take about 16 spoonfuls a day. But (and this is why I'm mentioning it) for those without cancer, you take about 2 spoonfuls a day as a preventative. The way it was described to me by my doctor is "... this is one of the best kept secrets in medicine." He told me that doctors who know of it, take it for healthy cell maintainance. It is pricey. For those of you who perhaps have a prevalance toward cancer in your families, you may want to check it out.
I'd like to end by thanking everyone who is supporting me in this fight. My friends at Home Depot who have been texting, calling and e-mailing. I love you guys. I think about you often and like to keep up with what you're doing. Thanks for all your words of good cheer. My special friend there, Jeremy Jones, who has kept in constant contact with me since the beginning and has always told me there is hope.
My cousin Cathie in Virginia owns a dance studio and has offered to put a donation cup out. Thank you Cathie and good luck with the recital.
My Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete in Florida made a very generous donation to my treatment. I want to thank them and tell them what a difference it makes for me. They have always been generous in offering their home and hospitality to me whenever I am in Florida. I love you both.
I've had a full week and am now looking forward to another one. Thanks again dear friends and family. I couldn't do this without you.

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  1. How sweet you are telling us all about Arizona! It sounds like an oven - geez. And the information you are giving us about your treatments will only do good for others. What an incredible woman you are Terri. I am priveleged to call you my cousin. :-) Have fun with Lauren. Tell her to give you a big bear hug from me.